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Get to know Sydney Delchot


Sydney Delchot, was born July 15th, in Paramaribo, Suriname (South America). 

The primary earmark of Sydney's ministry/mission is his revelatory preaching, teachings and the uncommon demonstration of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit, bringing undeniable transformation in many lives and communities of believers. This is in response to several life-altering events he experienced since a young age and the extensive and intensive training he went through for his global assignment. He is educated in the Netherlands with degrees in Finance and International Business management.

Sydney travels extensively to the nations of the world and comes highly recommended.

He actively provides leadership strategy and spiritual support through his many platforms to business executives, professionals in the world of sports & the entertainment industry globally. Besides his academic and business acumen he is also a philanthropist and the founder of the All Nations Revolution (ANR). A multifaceted ministry recognized locally and now globally providing oversight, supervision and leadership for the All Nations Centers through his inspirational messages about the revelation of the Glory of God and the good news of God's grace. The vision of ANR also functions like a conglomerate to leaders and several autonomous ministries around the globe that look to Sydney Delchot for his guidance and leadership.


Sydney is also the president and CEO of Delchot Global Enterprises which is the umbrella company that houses a group of companies from their HQ office in Amsterdam. His movement across the globe is for leadership-minded, impact driven super-achievers who want to impact their lives and of those within their spheres of influence. Sydney is inspiring the NOW & NEXT generation of leaders and creatives.

Sydney is the creator of Greater Life Mentorship & The Greater Life Experience.

Sydney is a frequent guest minister at:

  • Networks & Public platforms

  • Conferences & Churches

  • Crusades & evangelistic Campaigns

Sydney currently resides in the Netherlands with his wife Noraly, they are on a mission to globally impact at least 1 billion lives. The Delchots are both sought out for their revelatory messages and transformational preaching/teaching with a prophetic edge. They travel extensively with their team to the different continents and nations of the world.


Get to know Noraly Delchot

Noraly Delchot, was born December 4th, in Paramaribo, Suriname (South America). 

She serves in the ministry extensively across the nation with her husband Sydney Delchot. She believes in combining her professional gifts/skills with her philanthropic work. She is armed with degrees in Business Legal Studies and specializes in Finance & Business management. Noraly is also a graduate of the Eagles International Training Institute (EITI) in Dallas, TX.  


Noraly is passionate about seeing people coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the love of God through her many philanthropic works as well as her multiple businesses she's presiding over.

Besides her lifestyle of service to God and the various communities around the world. She is a woman of compassion, warmth and intelligence. In her professional career she's also an international fashion model and actress who appeared on several runways like the prominent fashion week of ''New York'', ''London'', ''Paris'', ''Milan'' just to name a few.

She also featured in numerous commercials while making private and public appearances as a high-profile guest on red carpet events around the world with A-list celebrities. The anointed ministry gift in her touches lives of men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Noraly speaks on public platforms with simplicity while
she inspires thousands of families, as well as ministers the Word of God to stir up people's spirits.

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