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We are a multigenerational and global ministry under the leadership of Sydney Delchot and the ANR executive council.

Raising World Changers • Transforming the Nations is the goal and mission through the All Nations Revolution. The purpose of this great vision is to invoke change and touch the lives of people across the globe. Sydney's desire and vision is for all to see and hear the Good News of God's grace in centers where World Changers are raised and deployed. Every member and partner of ANR is being raised to become a contributor of change within their own sphere of influence.

All Nations Revolution believes that all can gain an understanding of God's love and promises through the Word of God and the undeniable display of the glorious power of God working through them with a prophetic edge. With this global vision, we have the office of Sydney Delchot Ministries (SDM) which functions as the helm and executive arm to the All Nations Revolution (ANR) and ''All Nations Church'' headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with another center in the city of Utrecht and several more ANR centers scheduled to open across the continents.


In 2013 God translated the global vision of SDM into offices in the Netherlands (Europe), Suriname (South America), Africa and several more scheduled offices to open in the near future. Therefore the All Nations Revolution was launched in 2018 under the leadership of Sydney Delchot. He has the passion to bring the revelation of the good news of God's grace and the knowledge of the Glory of God around the world and set the standard for excellence in ministry and life, to truly make a mark in the lives of millions that can not be erased!

Please follow our official page below for more information about ANR & the All Nations Centers or click here to contact the administrators office.

Our Missions

The purpose of the global ANR missions are for the empowerment and transformation of communities (Churches), Leaders and Individuals in every area of their lives.




  • USA                  

  • ASIA (coming soon)

  • THE CARIBBEAN (coming soon)


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